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Hey there

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Thanks for
stopping by!
A knitted heart.
My name is Eva. A computer in the sand. I’m a
creative developer,
a Sagittarius,
a zoomer
and a cat person.
A bow and arrow. A gen z kid. A cat wearing a life jacket.

Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to A surgeon operating on a brain. pursue a career in medicine. So when I graduated from secondary school, I enrolled in
A computer in a bush.
In an attempt to become a graphic designer, I've started working as a web developper.

I’m consistently driven by my dreams and aspirations until my individuality complex takes over.

In my spare time, I happen to overthink
Someone with an oxygen mask.
A weird house-shaped clay thing. track guests
who visit me
and find new ways of lazyloading
An old man not smiling

A knitted heart A knitted heart A knitted heart A knitted heart A knitted heart

Thanks for reading past Sagittarius, here’s my email address to find out about my complete birth chart: